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Refund Policy

Untitled Document Here is our refund policy, please read it carefully:

We do offer refund if:
- The customer didn't install the software at all.
-The software copy was not activated.
-There's a technical problem in installation, so customer couldn't use the software.
-There's a technical problem so customer couldn't activate the software.

We don't offer refund if:
- The customer has already got its copy activated.
-The customer didn't find the software useful. (Please plan what you want to do with this software, before you buy it).
-The customer didn't find it as expected. (Please see screenshots & 'how it works' before you buy, so you know what you're going to buy)

Untitled Document Get Immediate Access!
For immediate access to the software, simply choose your payment option from below and click 'Order Now'. As soon as you make the payment, download link is sent to your email instantly! You can pay via PayPal, Credit Card, Liberty Reserve & AlertPay. If you face any problem in making payment, please send us a message!

Please choose your preferred payment method and click 'Order Now' button. You'll be redirected to secure payment processing website.

Price: Just $27.00
Note: All payment processing websites are 64 bit SSL secure.

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